Me?! You want to know about Me?! I’m flattered.

Okay, so I’ll keep this short and sweet (kinda like me). You can call me Nadine Samantha, or Nadine for short- that’s what my parents call me, anyways. I am a 20-something girl, living in Cape Town, South Africa.

I studied Musical Theatre and Dance at the Waterfront Theatre School, where I graduated from in 2016. Now I work as a performer (I’m currently in Rent The Musical as Mimi!) So most of my day is taken up by going to auditions. Besides that I have THREE other jobs, I am a Waitress, a kids party entertainer and a voice artist for Bollywood films. So as you can imagine, I’m quite the busy body.

So why did I start a blog? Why does anyone start a blog really? Because we like talking about things, I guess. I suppose, this is just my little space to bring all the things I love together. I run two other blogs, Just Live and Dear 16 Year Old Self – so if you like my writing, check those out too!

I’m warning you now, I have quite the potty mouth. So if a swear word pops here or there. Just go with it. Okay?