Oh So Heavenly Beautiful Curls

So a few months into 2018, Oh So Heavenly contacted me regarding helping them develop a new product for natural hair. They sent me several samples and I tested them out and gave them feedback on what I liked and what I didn’t like. In return they sent me free samples of the finished product. 

As many of you know, I wear my hair natural most of the time. So I’m always on the hunt for good natural hair care products. This new range from Oh So Heavenly definitely does not disappoint. I’m especially obsessed with the leave in balm. 

About The Product:

The range contains Shea Butter and Amla Extact which helps nourish dry curly hair. It also contains Coconut Oil. 

The shampoo removes build up and hydrates your curls, leaving it soft and defined with a healthy shine.

The conditioner Hydrates and enhances shine for soft, quenched and defined curls.

The Leave-in Balm helps protect the hair against frizz and contains Amla and Flower extracts.

My experience:

The consistency of the product is quite thick and not as watery as other shampoos, it kind of feels like I’m applying moisturiser to my hair. I’m really happy that this range includes a leave-in balm, as I am always using my conditioner as a leave-in conditioner and hoping for the best results.

I’ve found that my hair is a lot softer and more manageable since I’ve started using this product. The leave-in balm has really helped reduce frizz and keep my curls looking defined as hell. 

All in all, I think it’s a great range and it’s extremely affordable. You can get your hands on it at any Clicks nationwide.

Until next time,


Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy Review

Hey 20 Somethings,

So I got sent the most amazing press drop last week from Schwarzkopf filled with all the new products they shared with us as their event a few weeks ago.

Just check out how amazing it looks:

Here are some pictures from the event and launch of these amazing products, which was held at the One and Only Hotel.

I’ve always thought of the brand Schwarzkopf as the brand my mommy uses, and with them being in business for 120 years, that’s probably true. But with their newer products they’re specifically trying to target the 20 Something audience, bringing products to the market that are game changers, no matter what your age is.

For the past week I’ve been testing out their Gliss Intense Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner on my hair. The product is aimed at reconstructing the inner hair bonds and protecting the hair, it works especially well for over processed hair due to coloring and styling. The Gliss intense Therapy works at repairing the bonds inside the hair and reconstructing it from deep within. It promises visibly revitalized locks and more resilience against future damage.

Review time:

My first impression of the product was packaging and scent. The purple bottles make them instantly recognizable on the shelves of any store, and they’re super cute. When I sniffed the scent from the bottle I enjoyed the smell, however when I started using the product on my hair I found the smell to be extremely overpowering and fragranced. It smelt like I was applying a bottle of perfume to my hair. (I prefer natural scents in my hair care products, my sinuses can’t deal with overpowering smells.) The scent of the product during application smelt like a perfume my mom would use – not a fan. However once my hair dried the scent is not as strong and overpowering and it actually settles quite nicely, every time I get a whiff of my hair I’m like, “damn I smell good.”

I really liked what this product has done for my hair, my curls feel incredibly soft and I’ve experienced less breakage since I’ve started using this product. Check out the before and after pics:

My only concern is that is doesn’t do much to minimize frizz, and as a curly haired babe, that’s a must in a shampoo for me. This product is great if you’re someone who styles their hair a lot using heat, if you’re a natural hair goddess, this probably isn’t for you.

Check out my mini review of the Root Retoucher by Schwarzkopf here:

Until next time my beauties!


Justine Dailycare Hydrating Review

What’s up Beauties!

I felt super spoilt this week, when Rubybox sent me this amazing range from Justine. The Dailycare Hydrating Range is formulated for dry skin types and is a 3 step daily regimen.

Justine has really gone all out with the Dailycare range, they have formulated different ranges depending on your skincare needs. The Dailycare products includes ranges for  Hydrating, Perfecting and Balancing the skin. As I have dry skin, I was sent the Hydrating range.


It’s clinically proven to increase hydration in the skin after one use for up to 8 hours. 

I’ve been using this product for two weeks now and I can see the difference in my skin already. 

The cleanser leaves my skin looking brighter immediately after I’ve washed it – it doesn’t make my skin feel dry, instead it feels so refreshed that I feel like I could just use the cleanser and go on with my day. 

I’m not usually a fan of toners, but this one is quite nice- it’s a gel toner which is different to the toning liquids and lotions available on the market. It’s formulated to retain the skin’s natural moisture. Personally I feel that while it succeeds in removing excess dirt and bacteria on my skin, it leaves my skin feeling tight and in need of the moisturiser. 

The Moisturiser is my favourite in the range, it has SPF 20, to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays but besides that it leaves my skin feeling EXTREMELY hydrated for hours. Literally it feels like I’ve just applied it even hours later. 

I wasn’t familiar with this brand until I received this range, I haven’t seen it in any retail stores, I think it works like Avon, where you need to order products from a consultant. You can check out their website, it explains in depth how you can go about getting your hands on these amazing products:Justine Website

Check out my skin’s natural glow after two weeks of using this product:


And the best part? The range won’t break your bank. The Cleanser and the Toner go for R79 each and the moisturiser is R159. That’s R317 for the whole range!!!!!!!!!!

Have you used the Justine brand before? Let me know what your favourite products are in the comments.



Dove Nutritive Solutions Review

Hey there 20 Somethings,

So I know I’ve been very quiet lately, but life has been so insane. I got back from my trip two weeks ago and then moved out of my parents house and into my own flat a week later, so things have been a little on the crazy side. I’ll be writing a post about my moving experience soon! But today, I’m talking about what you come to 20somethingsomethings.com for: PRODUCTS.

The day I arrived, I found a beautifully wrapped package waiting for me, The lovely ladies at Dove and Rubybox sent me an amazing Dove hamper, including two new products to review: The Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner.


Now I know I post about a lot of hair care products and swear everyone is a game changer, but this one really is. In the past with products I’ve reviewed, the effects of the shampoo and conditioner wore off after the third day of not washing my hair. This Dove product, leaves my hair looking and feeling amazing days after it’s been washed. Each curl is defined and looks nourished and healthy. I’ve also experienced less hair loss and breakage since I started using this product, my hair feels much stronger than it did before I started using it.

What makes it different?

This shampoo and conditioner duo nourishes your hair deep into the hair fibre and repairs the hair leaving it stronger and healthier while also tackling external damage on your hair.

Check out my before and after:

If you suffer from dry hair, this is the product for you girl.

I’ll be posting a IGTV review soon of this product, so follow us on instagram to check it out: instagram.com/20somethingsblog

Until Next Time!


#BBUndercover Mystery Products! 

So for those of you who follow our Instagram page, We’ve been sent these mystery products from the Beauty Bulletin. 
This shampoo and conditioner contains Shea Butter…and that’s all I know about it. 

I’ve basically been asked to review it blindly, without any knowledge of the contents, price, packaging or brand. 

I’ve been using the products for a week now on my hair and I can honestly say I’m happy with the results. It’s sweet smell lingers for a while after a wash and I keep having people tell me how great my hair smells. The smell is very familiar, my first thought was that it’s Head and Shoulders, but after comparing the two products’ smells my theory proved incorrect. 

This mystery product makes my hair feel softer and it also detangles my hair easily. (I literally just use my fingertips to run through my hair after it’s been conditioned and no tangles!) The product leaves my hair with unbelievable body and curl definition. 

The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that it contains sulphates. And I usually use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. I also suspect that the conditioner is too strong to use as a leave in conditioner as I seem to be having a negative skin reaction from leaving the conditioner in.

I usually buy my haircare products at Clicks and my suspicion that this product is something I could find on their shelves. 

I cannot guess what this product is, but the quality is astounding.

After 4 washes I think it’s exactly what my hair needed! Can’t wait to find out what it is. Watch this space to find out!
CAN YOU GUESS WHAT I’M USING? Let me know in the comments!

Curl Diary: Hask Coconut Oil Range

Hello, My Curlfriends!

As we continue my Curl Diary, I am going to talk about a product that I am in love with. It’s the Hask, Coconut Oil Range. Clicks started selling Hask products a while back and I remember buying it because I wanted to change up my hair care routine.

Curl Diary

Since I’ve started using this product, I haven’t yet found one that works as well on my curls. And it smells amazing.

Hask has lot’s of options, from Argon Oil based hair products to Coconut Oil, it all depends on what your hair needs. I personally am a Coconut Oil girl.

It’s free from Sulphates and Parabeens so thats a plus and as far as I know, it’s safe to use on hair that has been Brazilianed.

It has completely revitalised my hair during the years of using it. My hair feels a lot more healthy and has a natural shine at all times. My curls are soft and fluffy, with reduced frizz due to my leaving in the conditioner. It even makes my hair look and feel healthy even when it’s straight. It’s great.

FullSizeRender 13

It’s a bit on the pricy side, at R150+ per bottle, but it lasts long, I usually need to replace the shampoo after 2 months and the conditioner a little bit before that (as I use it more)

Be sure to keep an eye out this week as I tell you about my journey with the Tresemme Botanique Range!

Until Next Time,

Curl Diary: Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La

Hey There 20 Somethings!
So today, I have another entry for my Curl Diary: Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La, Defining Custard.

style sneakers-5

I purchased this product a little while back, to apply to my hair during those summer days, when you’re swimming all day but also want to take care of your hair.

The label promises that this product will eliminate frizz, unruly curls and lifeless coils. It also says it will define, shape and control curls, waves, coils and braid-outs, while also adding moisture, shine and natural conditioning.

Aunt Jackie’s is a great brand for natural hair. They have a range of products focussed on ensuring you have healthy looking, natural hair all year round.

I find it works great if I apply it immediately after washing my hair, this is the easiest way to eliminate frizz. My curls are always defined when using this product. And it’s also great when my curls have started losing life and going flat, I can apply it to my dry hair, and Voila! My curls have a second life.

It’s great because this product doesn’t cause build-up and flakiness. You can use it as many times as you like without your hair feeling stiff and dry. If that doesn’t sound like a miracle product, I don’t know what does!


Also!!! It’s free of Sulphates and Parabens. Contains no mineral oil or Petrolatum. It’s a dream for your curls!

This product is on top of my shopping list and it lasts forever, like I’ve had my tub for a few months now.

Be sure to let me know which products you use to maintain healthy, natural hair!

Love you guys!

Curl Diary: John Frieda Dream Curls Review

Hey 20-Somethings!

So as promised, I have been using the various hair products for natural hair that I have been sent and am ready to review the first product for you. So the lovely ladies over at Rubybox Beauty sent me the shampoo and conditioner from the John Frieda Frizz Ease, Dream Curls Range.

FullSizeRender 9

This product was created especially to tame natural hair and reduce frizz, contributing to more defined and controlled curls. It makes natural hair easier to handle and style.

FullSizeRender 10

My first impression on this shampoo and conditioner was that the packaging is great. I love a product with a design that looks sleek and modern. It smells pretty good too.

The first time I used it, I washed the conditioner out (I never do this, I am a firm believer in leave-in-conditioner.) and I was impressed. My hair felt softer and lighter and my curls were definitely more defined. I did however achieve better results when I left some of the conditioner in my hair, it minimised frizz and gave my hair a more controlled type of curl.

FullSizeRender 12

The shampoo and conditioner goes for about R115 each. So it’s not too pricy and won’t break the bank.

Watch this space, for more from my Curl Diary to read more reviews and find the product for you!

Which products would you like to see featured and reviewed on 20 Something Somethings? Drop me a message in the contact session and I’ll see what I can do.

Shout out to Rubybox and John Frieda for sending me the amazing products.