Justine Tissue Oil Review

I’ve got a very loyal relationship with tissue oil; I believe that it is a vital part of a 20 Something’s beauty Regime. Like, prevention is better than cure, babes.

Most people use tissue oil for stretch marks; preventing them or getting rid of them. That’s Justine Tissue Oil’s claim to fame: that it can get rid of stretch marks in a matter of weeks. In fact, this miracle tissue oil promises to:

• Banish scars and stretch marks twice as fast as other tissue oils

• Protect the skin against sun damage

• Help the skin look younger in under a week

• Improve skin texture

• Reduce lines and wrinkles

I’m lucky enough to not have any stretch marks yet, besides a few small ones here and there. But I do have a rare skin problem, which causes uneven skin in the affected areas. I also have extremely dry skin, so I was hoping that this tissue oil could help me eradicate these two concerns.

I found that after 3 or 4 weeks of using this product, my skin is sufficiently softer and smoother. My driest skin areas look a lot better and feel amazing now. So yay!

Unfortunately, This tissue oil did not do much for my pigmentation issue caused by my skin problem, which is to be expected- I’ve seen dermatologists in every corner of the city and no one has been able to tell me what causes this issue or how to cure it. So I was really hoping for a miracle with this tissue oil.

Although I didn’t get my own desired results, I have seen this product work for a lot of other people, so I wouldn’t write it off based off my assessment. It might be the miracle product you’ve been waiting for.

I’ve been using Justine products for the past two months now and the brand has really impressed me. Even though it didn’t change the appearance of my uneven skin tone, my skin feels amazing. And it has really helped to get rid of small scars I have on various parts of my body. The Justine brand is beyond amazing,

Have you tried any of their products? Let me know in the comments section.

Special shout out to Rubybox for the hookup and Dexter Williams for proofreading like a boss.



Avon Black Suede for Men

What’s up 20 Somethings!
Ladies, this one is for the men in your life. Also it’ll make a great gift for them, so stay where you are and find out more.

Rubybox sent me the latest in Avon’s fragrances: Black Suede for Men. I opened it to find a bottle perfectly designed for the modern man. Like I was in love with the product just from seeing the packaging. 

Testing out the fragrance on myself, I was surprised by how much I liked it. It’s manly and it gives me a little tingle every time I smell it. The scent has hints of bergamot and aromatic basil which is combined with cardamom and black amber- it’s sure to keep your man smelling like the hot little spice he is. 
I got one of my besties to test it out and here’s what he had to say about Black Suede: 

“Before I even tested the perfume. The packaging, with its cool design, caught my eye. The actual smell of the perfume is quite pleasant. It’s subtle and slightly musky which is usually what I go for when purchasing perfume. I would definitely be happy to wear it.”

Courtney Hendricks (@courtney.hendricks) 

You can get your hands on this fragrance by contacting an Avon Representative or going to Www.avon.co.za for just R270 for 75ml. (Hello birthday gift ideas!) 
Stay fresh 20 Somethings! 


Curl Diary: TRESemmé Botanique Final Review

Hello my Curlfriends!
So you may know that Beauty Bulliten sent me the latest in the Tresemmé Expert Products: the Botanique Range! I have been using these products for the past month on my hair and I’m ready to deliver my final verdict.
(Read my first impression here.)

This range is great. Let’s start with that. I love it when the big brands like Tresemmé, try to figure out how to make women embrace their natural beauty. I have struggled for years to find products that work for hair that is kept natural. I am always looking for products that eliminate dryness and make my hair feel softer, as well as products that give my hair a natural bounce and shine. 

The shampoo is decent, I wouldn’t say it’s better than other shampoos I’ve used in the past but it’s got good qualities. It foams up really nicely which means you don’t need to use a lot to cover a full head of hair. The Aloe Vera in the shampoo helps promote hair growth, reduces itching and dandruff as well as conditions the hair. 

The conditioner is definitely the star of the duo. It’s milky texture really makes your hair feel like it’s getting the TLC it deserves. I leave it in while brushing my hair out in the shower, which makes it a lot easier to handle. It has also helped reduce breakage and I’m losing less hair every time I wash it. Thank goodness. The fact that it has coconut milk in it just makes this product all that more amazing. 

I have experienced an itchy scalp and irritation in the back of my neck since using these products. This could be due to the fact that I have been leaving the conditioner in most of the time- and the conditioner is quite strong. I do find though, that if I do not leave the conditioner in, my curls start to frizz on the second day after washing it. So if you’re fine with some irritation, leaving the conditioner in, gives your curls a longer life span. 

All in all, at R79,99 a bottle, this is a bargain for any curly haired babe. 
I have really enjoyed using this product and am considering adding it to my permanent hair care routine. 
Shout out to the Beauty Bulliten and Tresemmé for sending me these amazing products.
Until next time!

Nadine x

FINAL REVIEW: Environ Skincare Range

Hey Girlfriend,

I was extremely excited to receive my Skincare goodies from Environ and Beauty Bulliten. My package consisted of the following products:
1. Pre Cleanser
2. Balancing masque
3. Gel foaming Cleanser
4. Toner
5. Eye gel
6. Debut moisturizer!

style sneakers-2

If you have been following my posts over the past few weeks, you’ll have read all my reviews and research regarding each individual product!

So as I end my final week of my trail, it’s time for me to give the final verdict, Can my skin be Reborn Beautiful?
The answer is YES!

When I started the trial, my skin was dehydrated and therefore very dry. My skin tone was uneven and even blotchy on some days. Due to lack of sleep I was also developing fine lines under my eyes- not cool!

Now that I have ended the trial, I am able to reflect on the changes made on my skin. My skin feels so much softer and hydrated due to the intensive care I’ve received from using the Environ Skincare Range! Seriously! I can’t stop touching my skin.

My skin tone is more even and clear, I go most days without make up now because my skin looks and feels so good.
Any spots or skin irregularities that appeared during the trial were gone within one day!


Side Effects:

I did experience a dry patch form along my jaw line during the trial, due to my skin reacting to the amount of Vitamin A it was receiving, it cleared up after a few days and I was told by my Environ Skincare specialist that it was all part of the process.

I did also experience a tingling feeling while sweating during a workout- it’s the same sensation you get after getting a wax or going for threading.
Fav products:
Look, the Range may not be affordable to everyone, if you’re gonna try out Environ but don’t want to break the bank, my favorite products were the Pre- Cleanser, the Balancing Masque and the Debut Moisturiser. I definitely experienced a visible change in my skin immediately after using those products! These products are what’s missing in your skin care routine!!


I never used to spend a lot of time on my skin, I’d use a simple Cleanser and Toner once a day, but this trial has taught me the importance of Skincare from a young age! And now I look forward to giving my skin the TLC it needs every morning and evening!


What a great experience it has been working with Environ and Beauty Bulliten! I can now safely say that I am an Environ Girl!

Until Next Time!

Bye, Girl!