Get Ready for Summer with Elancyl (Review)

Cellulite is a part of every woman’s life, whether you choose to accept it or not. I know the first time I saw my cellulite I wanted to cry a little! That’s why I was really excited when Rubybox sent me the Elancyl Slim Design Cream which promises to tone, firm and soothe. I’ve tried many firming lotions before in the past but none have really worked for me – so I was keen to find out if this product would work.

First Impression:

The packaging is sleek and elegant and the bottle will fit easily into any traveling bags if you want to take it with on holiday. The cream itself smells amazing. It’s a brownish colour that leaves my skin feeling moisturized all day (literally ALL day!) and gives it a beautiful glow (it has some shimmer to it, giving you the summer glow that will stop traffic. It’s amazing.)

Final Review:

So I’ve been using it for the past two weeks (which is the amount of time they tell you to use it before you see results) the leaflet inside the box comes with massage instructions, which are quite specific to ensure you get the most out of your product and that it penetrates the skin well- it’s quite an arm workout. 

As the two weeks progressed I started feeling a bit more confident in my skin, my buttocks and thigh area were looking a lot firmer and didn’t jiggle as much. But when I pinched my skin I still saw some cellulite.

Yesterday I compared before and after pictures and I can honestly say I’m satisfied with the result, I wasn’t expecting a miracle from this product but it’s definitely made my jiggly bits a bit firmer and made them looked toned. And when I did the “pinch test” I found that my cellulite was less visible! (YAS!)

Of course this product isn’t gonna do all the work for you, it goes hand in hand with regular squats, to get that summer booty you desire. 
It goes for R395 at Dis-Chem pharmacies.
Thanks to Rubybox for hooking me up.

Avène Product Review

Hey hey hey!So it’s been a while since I posted a product review- I’ve just been getting back into the swing of things here at home. 
When I got back home I arrived to receive an amazing package from Avène! 

I got sent this amazing package after winning the Hydrance Glow competition with Avène. And I loved the products so much I thought they deserved a feature on the blog.
I hadn’t heard of Avène before they came to South Africa, but after traveling a bit and meeting girls who are crazy about the brand, my trust in the product has grown and these goodies have helped reinforce all the great reviews I’ve heard.
Let’s start with the Hydrating Serum. What’s great about Avène products is that a little, goes a long way. I just need one drop of this serum to apply to my whole face. I apply it after cleansing and toning but before moisturizing. It’s amazing. You can feel the difference in your Skin almost instantly as it leaves it feeling silky and smooth. It relieves any feelings of tightness in the skin and contributes to eliminating fine lines caused by dryness. If you’re gonna buy any product from this range, this is the one! 

Secondly, there’s the Rich Hydrating Cream, which I apply after the serum. You can alternate between using this and the Hydrating Skin Tone Perfector (read my review here) depending on what results you want from your moisturizer. This can be used everyday and leaves the skin feeling silky, smooth and hydrated ALL DAY LONG. I mean it. I could exercise, sweat, shower and my face was still feeling great from my morning application. It contains SPF 20, to keep your skin protected in the harsh African sun. 

If you follow 20 Something Somethings, you would have seen my featured review on the Hydrating Skin Tone Perfector (link) this is great to use on days that you need a bit of a tint from your moisturizer but don’t want to wear a full face of make up. This is always in my bag, you never know when you’ll need a touch up! 
Lastly is the Thermal Spring Water. This product is said to be the miracle worker of the Avène range. It can help with many skin disorders such as eczema and be used after shaving, skin procedures, waxing and threading, after sports, while traveling, for allergic reactions, as an after sun treatment and many more! I use it mostly after threading, as it eliminates redness and soothes the skin immensely. It’s a great product for people with sensitive skin. 

Have you used any of Avène’s products? Be sure to let me know in the comments! 

Until next time,


Avon Black Suede for Men

What’s up 20 Somethings!
Ladies, this one is for the men in your life. Also it’ll make a great gift for them, so stay where you are and find out more.

Rubybox sent me the latest in Avon’s fragrances: Black Suede for Men. I opened it to find a bottle perfectly designed for the modern man. Like I was in love with the product just from seeing the packaging. 

Testing out the fragrance on myself, I was surprised by how much I liked it. It’s manly and it gives me a little tingle every time I smell it. The scent has hints of bergamot and aromatic basil which is combined with cardamom and black amber- it’s sure to keep your man smelling like the hot little spice he is. 
I got one of my besties to test it out and here’s what he had to say about Black Suede: 

“Before I even tested the perfume. The packaging, with its cool design, caught my eye. The actual smell of the perfume is quite pleasant. It’s subtle and slightly musky which is usually what I go for when purchasing perfume. I would definitely be happy to wear it.”

Courtney Hendricks (@courtney.hendricks) 

You can get your hands on this fragrance by contacting an Avon Representative or going to for just R270 for 75ml. (Hello birthday gift ideas!) 
Stay fresh 20 Somethings! 


Curl Diary: John Frieda Dream Curls Review

Hey 20-Somethings!

So as promised, I have been using the various hair products for natural hair that I have been sent and am ready to review the first product for you. So the lovely ladies over at Rubybox Beauty sent me the shampoo and conditioner from the John Frieda Frizz Ease, Dream Curls Range.

FullSizeRender 9

This product was created especially to tame natural hair and reduce frizz, contributing to more defined and controlled curls. It makes natural hair easier to handle and style.

FullSizeRender 10

My first impression on this shampoo and conditioner was that the packaging is great. I love a product with a design that looks sleek and modern. It smells pretty good too.

The first time I used it, I washed the conditioner out (I never do this, I am a firm believer in leave-in-conditioner.) and I was impressed. My hair felt softer and lighter and my curls were definitely more defined. I did however achieve better results when I left some of the conditioner in my hair, it minimised frizz and gave my hair a more controlled type of curl.

FullSizeRender 12

The shampoo and conditioner goes for about R115 each. So it’s not too pricy and won’t break the bank.

Watch this space, for more from my Curl Diary to read more reviews and find the product for you!

Which products would you like to see featured and reviewed on 20 Something Somethings? Drop me a message in the contact session and I’ll see what I can do.

Shout out to Rubybox and John Frieda for sending me the amazing products.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Environ Step-Up System

Happy Friday, 20 Somethings!

So as I enter the second last week of my Environ skin Journey, I’m starting to take note of the effects the product has had on my skin. There are a few negative things but loads of positive things, so be sure to check out my post next week, where I will be giving you the final verdict on The Environ Skincare Range.

This week, I am focussing on their Original Debut Moisturiser (Vitamin Step-Up System Level 1)

This cream is light moisturiser containing a low concentration of Vitamin A which is essential as a skin Nutrient. It also contains Vitamin C and E as well as a combination of antioxidants, that will leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished. This moisturiser contributes to nourished skin and also improves the appearance of uneven skin tone as well as sun damage.

So let’s get into some of the most asked questions about this product, shall we?

Frequently Asked Questionsabout the EnvironStep-Up System


What are the signs that your skin is lacking vitamin A?
When your skin lacks Vitamin A, it will be uneven, rough and sallow. Due to loss of collagen and elastin, your skin may suffer from pre-mature ageing.

How does the Environ STEP-UP™ SYSTEM work?
This system starts on low levels of Vitamin A (I am currently using the Debut which is level 1) The moisturisers go up to Ultra, with the levels of Vitamin A increasing with every step.

How soon can you step up your moisturiser?
After going your first tube of the debut moisturiser, you can then do two tubes of the next levels each before moving on.
What are the different vitamin A derivatives – is the same form found in all skin care?
The different forms of vit A are Beta-Carotene, Retinyl Palmitate, Retinyl Acetate and Retinol. Different forms are used in different products.

What does vitamin A do for skin?
It helps to normalise skin functions and protects the DNA of cells and prevents sun induced aging while also hydrating the skin.

There you have it, if you have any other questions about the Environ Skincare Range, please don’t hesitate to send them to me! I’ll see you guys next week for my final review!

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